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um. this semester has reached the point of ridiculousness. i am so TIRED, it has literally brought me to tears several times. david came this weekend, and although we had fun, i kind of wish he hadn't just because i could've gotten alot more done without him here. ugh. i still did about 12 hours of hw on saturday while he went diving with friends. i need money so bad, but there's no time to work (or even volunteer for the experience i should be getting for nursing) and do well in classes, and there isn't really the option of spacing my classes out a little more because i need to get into a nursing program asap if i ever want to make something happen with my life!! and plus, finishing prereqs quickly means i move to ga sooner.

i have a huge test tomorrow, and what sucks is i've reached that point where i can't study anymore. my brain will not focus. i'be been trying to divert my attention to other things, but every time i go back to my notes.. my brain shuts down again. i feel like i've been doing hw from 8 am to midnight every day for the last week and i just want a break. my break is coming when i go to gainesville thursday, although, i actually wish i wasn't going this weekend bc i literally don't have time. but i have a couple appointments and i've already rescheduled one of them, so i don't really want to do that again.

i think i just need a break from school for once in my life. it's coming in august for an indefinite amount of time, but i really don't want to wait.
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