r e b e c c a ♥ (little_rebbie) wrote,
r e b e c c a ♥

yes, it's true!

10 more days and I'll be in Georgia for the most indefinite amounts of time. I haaaaate not knowing what's to come. Especially when it comes to the timing of things. I am just not a spontaneous person. It really makes me anxious.

This week stinks. 4 finals, and oh god, I forgot I have a quiz tomorrow night too. Once these classes are done, I will feel such relief, I just know it. Even though there's still alot of business I need to take care of and things to do, like going to the beach before I move [seemingly] millions of miles away from a beach. yes, okay there are beautiful lakes and mountains and creeks in ga, but no sand and poopy seagulls and waves to play in with your sister. Oh well. That will just make the times I do get to the beach that much better. Last summer Shannon and I spent with our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma but no immediate family besides each other. It was wonderful. We were like little girls. We clung to each other, even though our family is fun, there's nothing like a sister. There was this one day we spent rolling aruond in the waves for hourss and we were practically lost at another beach in the end. We were sunburned and prune-y and sick from laughing so much. It was such innocent fun. The kind you have when you're 6 and have no agenda but to have fun. Yeah best memory ever.

I also want to go see the MOSI bodies exhibit one more time now that I've finished Anatomy. I want to be able to see it in a new light now that I've learned all this stuff and it's fresh in my mind. Seriously, the coolest exhibit ever.

This endless studying is making me restless. I want to go waste another afternoon in the pool! :(

Shannon is going snorkeling in the keys this weekend for class. JEALOUS! That was the family vacation we were going to take - even that exact weekend - but then it was cancelled because she's going for school. ANNOYING! Instead, I'm spending my weekend digging through my family's storage room, organized tetris-style, for stuff that's mine and things I want to take. Great. Goodbye.
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