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i'm scared. i'm sad. i'm all kinds of emotions related to leaving tampa. none really about going to atlanta. i mean, i'm obviously subconsciously excited or i wouldn't be going in the first place. listen people. after 2 years of this long distance relationship, it's time we jump right in and find out the real-ness of what we got. hopefully it's all good things [okay, with some realistic, but minimal bad things]. i really want this to work!!! but i don't want to leave my mommy to do it!

god i'm such a baby and a dork. but really. especially in these last 7 months i've been home from gainesville. my mom and i have really bonded. she's like.. my best and basically my only friend in tampa. shannon's so wrapped up in her high school romance. i'm really gonna miss going to the gym with my mom every day and cooking dinner with her and going shopping with her and to the movies and playing scrabble [and getting my ass kicked because i am an awful strategist]. etc. etc. i've gotta move out some time, don't i?

and in case anyone needed to know, loreal sublime bronze self tanning gel is AWESOME! I forgot I put it on this afternoon and when I just got home 20 minutes ago, I didn't recognize my legs because they were so stinkin tan. I mean, this isn't a revelation to me, I've been using this stuff for months. I just wanted to tell any of you pale people desperate for a tan that you have options besides sitting in the sun for hours. who has hours anyways?! if i did, i would so spend them in the sun!
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Hope the move goes smoothly, and best of luck to your burgeoning love. :)
self tanner scares me :(
i cant believe youre gonna be so far away, I hope it goes well, keep me updated <3
oh no, don't be scared!
i'd prob put it on wrong and end up looking like one of those competitive body builders haha
does the self-tanner look orangeish at all? or is it natural looking? I always worry about those products but if that one really works, thats awesome.
well if you put on two layers at a time it might or if you use it every day you might be orangey. but i usually put it on every other day after showering and exfoliating and it just looks like a great tan. you're not really supposed to use it around your ankles or elbows and i always do anyways so sometimes there's little dark spots in those areas, but never anything scary looking.