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is it just me or is it incredibly obnoxious how everyone is getting engaged/married right now? i know everyone around me is "at that age," but i really feel like alot of people are getting married just because everyone else is. i'm almost to the point where i don't want to have a wedding [when my time comes] for the sole purpose of not having to go to another one!! most of these people haven't even been in their relationship that long. do you really think you know each other well enough to make such a commitment. i've been with david for three years and i still can't fathom the idea of marrying him yet. i was talking to my sister about this today and then honestly an hour later, my grandmother calls with news that a cousin is engaged. congrats. can't wait for your wedding and all the money that will slip out of my wallet as a result. it's not even like i'm jealous, i have no desire to get married anytime soon. i'm waiting. til everyone is settled in their careers with more money in their pockets and then i'll shove a fancy wedding down their throats and maybe even mandate a dress code. like everyone must wear black and yellow.. so then they can all go shopping. and the cheapest thing on my registry will probably be $700. yes. sounds perfect.
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hahaha you're a trip
wow, i really didn't think anyone still checked lj! impressive. but maybe all it is is that you're in school and need an oulet to procrastinate, as i am now coming to remember.
I'm engaged. I think everyone is cramping my style!
i keep trying to think of ways to say congratulations without sounding sarcastic, but my post kinda throws that to hell. but knowing you, i'm sure it's genuine love, so i approve. (would you have called off the wedding if i didn't approve?? :oP)
haha, I love this post. Although not many people I know are getting married, just one close friend so far and they had been together forever. I hope to avoid marriage until (this is going to sound horrible) after my grandparents have passed or are to senile to come, because I do not want a religious wedding and they just would not understand.
kari, i miss you!