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clinicals - day 2

today was about to be realllllly super interesting but it turned out to be super slow instead. my patient was scheduled for an mri before a brain biopsy today and i went with her to get the mri, and saw the huge tumor. eeh! i was supposed to go with her to surgery and watch them slicing and dicing at her brain!! i was going to get changed and scrubbed in and everything and the stupid surgical nurse stopped me and was telling me that there were already spc students going in to watch. i pitched a fight bc she was MY patient. gosh there's such competition for these clinical spots it's crazy!! anyways, she went to surgery and i was left with no patient. so i just kinda wandered around and watched an ekg and watched someone having their port suctioned out and had to gown up to go into a mrsa room and bathe the tiniest woman eveeer. and now i'm super tired bc i didn't take a nap when i got home. these 4:00 mornings are KILLLLER. And I have a test tomorrow, wonderful. MUST.. STOP.. PROCRASTINATING!!
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