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it's almost over!!! i started tearing up in the car on the way home from dinner with the girls. it's not like i'm never gonna see them or have fun with them again, but things will definitely change. hopefully i don't get lonely in tampa. summer has plans to reunite all of the academy girls. that could be fun. and then my mom and her friend at work have plans to set up me and the other lady's daughter so we can be friends. her daughter is sort of in the same boat.. and funny thing is, her boyfriend is moving to ga in january. what's with these boys? hopefully, i'll find a job and/or a volunteering position at some hospital. it would be ideal if i could find a paid job in the medical industry.

and tampa is not too far away that i can't come back here every other weekend if i'm desperate for friends and fun.

i just can't stop thinking about moving to ga in august. i wish it were happening NOW, but i don't want to pay for out of state tuition.. so.. yeah. i was talking to shannon tonite about how i feel like a proposal might be happening soon. but at the same time, i'm not sure if i'm thinking that because everyone else is or if it's really going to happen. i know david's friends and family have been asking him "when's the wedding," etc.. and i know my family has been asking since this summer (not my tampa family.. but the rest of them) and then of course, my friends all asking about engagement rings and what kind of wedding i'd want. and i don't even know if they're all wondering specifically about me or if just wedding thoughts are in the air because it's the end of school.. and it seems like it's more of the latter. it's sooo common for people to get married right after they graduate. and i know alot of people who have gotten engaged recently. you kind of can't help but think about it. but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily the time for me and david yet.. you know? although, an engagement really couldn't hurt anything. if anything, i think it just solidifies your commitment to each other. and i mean, we could be engaged for 3 years, no problem. in fact, i'd almost prefer to be. just to make sure. i don't want any surprises coming up after we're married and it's too late to turn back (easily). plus, i really don't want to get divorced, ever!

i'm really nervous about meeting his family. i don't know why. i've never had a problem with a boyfriends family not loving me. or vice versa. but this summer, when i met his mom, i planned my outfit probably weeks in advance. i don't know why. i just feel like that first impression is huge. and i know appearance isn't everything. and i know it probably doesn't matter what i wear, but it's still important to me. my stomach was in knots the whole 4 hour drive to nc this summer to his mom's cabin. so stupid really. but at least i've already met her and she loves me. i think the mom is probably the most important one to win over! but i still have to meet his dad, grandparents, sister, aunt, cousins, and all his high school buddies. aaah! i need to not stress. STOP STRESSING!

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