r e b e c c a ♥ (little_rebbie) wrote,
r e b e c c a ♥

I don't really have time to write in here. I've been SOO busy lately and am still only half unpacked from moving back from Gainesville. Boxes everywhere in my room.

Last Tuesday I drove down to Marco Island and stayed at David's all week. We went fishing and I actually caught some on my own! We went to a fancy dinner in Naples one night and hung out with his friends the others. It was fun. Then Saturday night, we drove up to Anna Maria to stay at his friends house. We rode the boat out to a deserted island where there was a campfire and fun. There were 12 of us. All night we were subjected to the unrhythmic sounds of some amateur hippies playing the drums and chanting. When it was time to leave, everyone was drunk beyond belief and pretty high as well.. The fog had rolled in and tide was low so going the 2 miles to get home took us about 2 hours since we couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead and the gps was broken. And as if that wasn't bad enough, one of David's friends decided to punch him and they both almost flipped the boat over. That was awesome! WAAAY too much testosterone that night. I broke several nails trying to pull them off each other.

David stayed here Sunday night and now he's gone. :( In 2 weeks, I'm flying up there, but just for a long weekend bc I'm taking classes this semester. Sucks.

I have to go run a million more errands right now before dinner with the girls later. Goodbye.
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