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oh great

I was just on the phone with David and he told me not to worry because he's sure I'll do fine on my test (even though I've only studied half the material so far!!) because I've done so well on my last two. And then a LIGHTBULB flashed: I can drop my lowest exam. So hello.. stop worrying about studying, get some rest, regroup, take the test and don't worry!! Yes, I would've loved to remember that I can drop an exam sooner so that I could've gotten some other work done - which I'm turning in late due to lack of time - but the semester's over in 2 weeks so big woop. I've got an A in all of my classes right now so whatever. I don't care anymore. It's like this feeling of senioritis is rushing over me, except it's not senioritis, it's more like burntoutitis.

Other [sarcastic tone] great news: My old boss who was going to write my letters of rec for nursing school was just asked to resign. David says he'll write me a letter and noone will ever have to know, but his company is in GA and I've been in school for the last 20 consecutive years of my life in FLORIDA. So I'm not sure that's going to be a possibility. As tired as I am, it's moments like right now I want to go to the gym and kill myself with cardio. Seriously, I got a second wind just thinking about that.
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